Thirty years of experience

We have been open since November 2009. Owner, Master Luke Walsh, is a 6th degree black belt with over 30 years of experience. Master Walsh seeks to teach students to follow impeccable moral conduct, as well as teaching them unity with each other.

Valuable lessons taught by example

Master Walsh strives to teach respect, courtesy, and integrity by example. Each student will be taught confidence and self-control. They will take all of these valuable lessons and apply them to many areas of their lives.

Elevate self-confidence

Students are taught with respect, understanding, skill, and moral character that is deeply rooted in the art of Tae Kwon Do. They will experience an art that will not only enhance physical abilities, but also elevate self-confidence!

Well-equipped facility

Our facility has a family area where parents are encouraged to watch classes. This is great for those who are interested in learning, or for those who wish to watch their loved ones in action. Portions of our school are equipped with bags for students to practice techniques and lessons they have learned.

Safe, challenging, and fun training!

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