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Community service opportunities

We offer many classes, opportunities for community service and tournament competition from the local level to national level.

Upcoming Activities



At Dragon Law TKD we focus on the tenets of TaeKwon-Do with purpose, principle and passion and try our best to be true leaders. While training at Dragon Law, you will gain self-control, confidence, balance, awareness, coordination, better action/reaction, flexibility, an increased sense of accuracy, speed, agility and power. We also stress the importance of team building and leadership training.


Each student understands the importance of utilizing TaeKwon-Do in all aspects of life, not just stopping a fight, changing a negative situation, or bettering oneself mentally and physically. Dragon Law students work to better themselves as well as their surroundings.


Come into the school to observe a class or participate in a two-week free trial. Feel free to contact us anytime. We hope you find your home here with us at Dragon Law TKD.

Unleash your true potential