Community service opportunities

We offer opportunities for community service through our school.

Upcoming Activities


At Dragon Law TKD we focus on the tenets of TaeKwon-Do with purpose, principle and passion, and try our best to be true leaders. While training at Dragon Law, you will gain self-control, confidence, balance, awareness, coordination, better action/reaction, flexibility, an increased sense of accuracy, speed, agility and power. We also stress the importance of team building and leadership training.


Each student understands the importance of utilizing TaeKwon-Do in all aspects of life, not just stopping a fight, changing a negative situation, or bettering oneself mentally and physically. Dragon Law students work to better themselves as well as their surroundings.


Come into the school to observe a class or participate in a two-week free trial. Feel free to contact us anytime. We hope you find your home with us at Dragon Law TKD.

Unleash your true potential


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